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February 19, 2017






Kotlin in Action teaches you the Kotlin programming language and how to use it to build applications running on the Java virtual machine and Android. It starts with the basic features of the language and proceeds to cover the more distinctive aspects of Kotlin, such as its support for building high-level abstractions and domain-specific languages. The book pays a lot of attention to integrating Kotlin with existing Java projects and helping you introduce Kotlin into your current working environment. The book covers Kotlin 1.0. Kotlin 1.1 has been in development in parallel to the writing of the book, and whenever possible, we’ve mentioned the changes made in 1.1. But because the new version is still a work in progress as of this writing, we haven’t been able to provide complete coverage Who Should Read This Book Kotlin in Action is primarily focused on developers with some level of Java experience. Kotlin builds on many concepts and techniques from Java, and the book strives to get you up to speed quickly by using your existing knowledge. If you’re only just learning Java, or if you’re experienced with other programming languages such as C# or Java-Script, you may need to refer to other sources of information to understand the more intricate aspects of Kotlin’s interaction with the JVM, but you’ll still be able to learn Kotlin using this book. We focus on the Kotlin language as a whole and not on a specific problem domain, so the book should be equally useful for server-side developers, Android developers, and everyone else who builds projects targeting the JVM.

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